Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pure Golden

I go to my golden retrievers
Whose hot doggy breath flows unapologetically over my face
Whose monster paws rest heavy on my bared feet
Tail wags! bang! crash! go the things on the coffee table
And the look of love and devotion tells me to wake up and live a life free from resentment or fear

Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday, September 11, 2009

here is a text from Gwen Schmidt director of Ebenezer Glen orphanage.
The photo is one of Rebecca Tamea's orchids.

Editor's addition:

Many of you who are a part of our email network have heard the story of Keuchia Bonumair. For those of you who have not, we include her story. What a miracle God has wrought! She is a 3-year old girl whose mother brought her to the EGO clinic this spring when "Dr. Enrique" de la Piedra was visiting. She had what appeared to be a large facial tumor--her face was distorted almost beyond recognition and it was actually starting to grow out of her nose. Dr. Enrique offered to get her to the states and find a doctor who would operate on her. While he returned to Florida and worked on that part of the process, those at EGO began to work also--finding birth certificates for her and her mother (who had lost hers in the floods last year!), then getting passports, making all the appointments to get visas, etc., each step requiring funds as God provided. (During this time, the tumor continued to grow--ever faster, it seemed.) Every step along the way, it would appear hopeless, but God continued to open doors and work miracles. Finally the day arrived and Keuchia and her mother boarded the plane, making their way to Florida.

Once in Florida, doctors who had offered their services began a week-long process of exams, testing, and determining the best course of action. Then the bottom dropped out--they had no answers--no hope! We were told that there was no cure for this most aggressive form of cancer and it was too "involved" to be able to remove! Keuchia's mom was given large amounts of narcotic pain-killers and they returned to Haiti to await the end of her daughter's life in a very short time.

So many who had worked so hard, prayed so much, invested so much in the life of this little girl were devastated! God wasn't finished, though. Led by Dr. Conrad Tamea in Florida (who had worked with little Nixon's eyes months before), an international day of prayer and fasting was set for noon on the following Sunday. Word went out to individuals and churches everywhere that were a part of our email network. As Doris says, "We prayed that, just as Jesus cursed the fig tree, the tumor be cursed and dry up from the very roots." (Keuchia's mother, not knowing what was planned, had actually left her at home with family that Sunday and walked into the town to the tabernacle. But God knew--and mom was prayed over and anointed for healing in her daughter's place.) We prayed, believing.

The following Sunday, Keuchia's mother came again alone to the tabernacle. At the end of the service, she asked to testify. She said that the previous Sunday, when she returned home, the tumor was draining and she could already see the difference in the swelling above her eyes! Another week later and we were able to take pictures that didn't even look like the same little girl! She looked and looked at herself in the mirror, then turned and said (as it translates into English), "I'm healed!" At this date, the tumor is still receding, seeming to draw up as we would recognize a smaller skin blemish to do. We are anticipating the day when there is no sign of it! Glory to our God!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ketchia Has Had a miraculous regresion, since the prayer circle.
Please understand the nature of rhabdomyosarcoma, it is the most ruthless of all tumors, Medical science has nothing to offer. She looked in hte mirror and said "I am Cured" . In Creole of course.
Do YOU believe in miracles??
this picture was taken last week. What a precious little girl. Look at all the pictures.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kechia Bonumair

Kechia Bonumair is a 2 1/2 year old Haitian child who is suffering from a highly malignant rhabdomyosarcoma of the face, and neck Her symptom first appeared in November of 2008, and at this time she is horribly disfigured.
She was discharged from All Children's Hospital in St Pete last week , and told there is no treatment for her condition. She returns to Haiti tomorrow with morphine to aide the pain of a predictably certain painful death. These pictures were taken in September and on July 22,2009. Ketchia's life on earth will be brief. Help make her simple life of poverty, and tragedy, a miracle of gratitude for all our blessings
August 2 has been designated as a day of fasting and prayer for Ketchia.
We request that on this Sunday, we pray and fast 'til noon, and then at 12 noon eastern standard time we stop and join in an international spiritual circle for one minute of prayer. We hope to have 1,000,000 people in this circle. We ask that you use all means at your disposal to invite people to join.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mission Trip to Haiti

This is an account of a brief trip to Haiti during the week of September 29th.
We visited the Ebenezeer Glenn Orphanage in Dessaline Haiti. although the devastation and poverty was profound, we found a place where things where getting done , that made a difference. Orphaned lives are being made whole, love and charity are the lifestyle. Please consider sharing your abundance with those in desperate need
Before you look around , please enjoy this little clip of life on the Orphanage. I chanced upon this scene in the dining hall. To me it represents the quiet domestic beauty of Ebenezeer, and the reward for bringing up children in the way they should go